HUMDA pro Service Provider Ltd.

HUMDA pro Ltd. is a company that is active in the field of motorsports. The objectives of the Company are the same as those of HUMDA Ltd. HUMDA pro is primarily engaged in promotional, marketing and sales activities necessary for the implementation of HUMDA's professional programmes.

HUMDA pro aims to unite and coordinate public and market players in order to achieve socially important objectives. At the forefront of the Company's objectives are important missions such as improving national road safety, promoting sustainable innovations and technologies, and creating a talent pool based on objective measurements.

The strategic objectives of HUMDA pro are the followings:

  • to promote the development of motorsport drivers

  • improving road safety culture and education for safe driving

  • to strengthen R&D activities in the automotive industry in Hungary

  • organising and promoting domestic sporting events and activities

  • managing activities to promote the development of domestic motor sport


  • 1113 Budapest, Dávid Ferenc street 4-6.

Eastern hungary racetrack Ltd.

The task of the Eastern hungary racetrack Ltd. is the construction of the area of the car and motor racing track near Hajdúnánás and the related multifunctional car and motor racing complex - traffic, service and facilities - and the subsequent operation of the area. The facility located on an approximately 400 hectares size area, that includes several tracks and associated buildings and service facilities.

With the construction of the high-speed motorcycle racetrack, Hungary will also be able to host world-class domestic and international motorcycle races. The best-known motorcycle racing series are MotoGp and Superbike, both of which are very popular in Hungary.

The new circuit can serve Hungarian motorsport in many ways out of the big international race seasons. The additional facilities will include an internationally compliant go-kart track, a hobby or rental go-kart track, a flat track, which will be able to host small international and domestic races, including age-group cup series. Furthermore, in line with the strategy of HUMDA Zrt., a road safety and a driving technique training track will serve the development of the national traffic culture and the improvement of road safety.


  • 1113 Budapest, Dávid Ferenc utca 4-6.