• Economic development

    We create and continuously develop an investment incentive scheme with tax and contribution deductions, appropriate infrastructural and other subsidies. Through this scheme we may attract to Hungary international high-tech companies interested in motorsports and automotive industry

  • Raising awareness

    Amongst other things we prioritize road safety, the gender equality and the openness to technology and innovation.

  • Driving sector-specific R&D

    We support and promote the development of 5G and other data transmission systems related to motorsport, as well as developments for sustainable development and environmental protection.

  • Infrastructural development

    HUMDA Ltd. is responsible for the professional supervision of the design and construction of the newly built state-owned tracks in the future. However, we work closely together with the Hungaroring Ltd. regarding the professional work of the long-standing track renovation.

  • Promoting sport profession

    Together with the sport-unions we launch programs like talent scouting and youth education. We also support the training of professionals (sports judges, competition supervisors, technical interveners, special ambulances, etc.) as well.

  • Promoting STEM

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths. With the help of motorsport, we try to promote these subjects and areas as widely as possible at the secondary and higher education levels.

  • Coordination of public and private sector

    We help the development of the sector by involving market resources and coordinating the efficient use of state support.

  • Communication

    We develop a media interface system that can provide real, aluable visibility to sponsors from the public and private sectors.

  • Sport diplomacy

    We provide diplomatic support and conduct the necessary negotiations with the key international players (Liberty Media, Dorna Sports, FIA, FIM, etc.). We are also involved in the organization of new, domestic races of international series that attract great interest worldwide.

  • Green Mobility

    In our operations, multimobility, including green mobility, the wider use of less polluting transport devices, a more modern vehicle fleet and sustainability are the strategic areas. Our goal is to make 90% of the energy produced in Hungary CO2-free by 2030, and Hungary a climate-neutral country by 2050 - for example through the Green Bus Programme coordinated by us.