The Hungarian Mobility Development Agency was founded by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in 2020 to implement the complex tasks contained in the Hungarian Auto-Motorsport Development Strategy adopted by the Government.

The company is now owned by the Széchenyi István University Foundation and rethinks and strengthens Hungary's role in the era of transforming mobility.

Széchenyi István University, which has a long tradition and knowledge base in the fields of technical engineering, is a leading domestic higher education institution for training, research and cooperation in the vehicle industry. The dominant domestic mobility associations belonging to the Széchenyi University Group are thus able to complement each other more effectively, to cooperate with the university, training, and scientific worlds and, forming a unified mobility ecosystem, they are able to create connections between state and market players in an even more comprehensive way than before. Through the collaboration, it is possible to approach the world of mobility, the vehicle industry, traffic safety, green mobility, and research and development in a more extensive way.

The cooperation with Széchenyi István University means synergies in the supply of automotive professionals, vehicle industry developments, the Zalaegerszeg test track, car and motorcycle racing, and traffic safety in many areas. Foundation maintenance enables more flexible operation in the field of mobility, and in this way it is possible to serve the players in the automotive industry more efficiently, who can make decisions about individual investments and developments more quickly. Thanks to this, the country can prepare for the challenges of the future in almost all sub-areas of mobility in a unique construction, even at a European level. Due to the rise of electric propulsion, the possibilities of synthetic fuels and hydrogen propulsion, its energetic projection is also outstanding.

HUMDA continues to participate in the coordination of the domestic automotive and motorsport industry by uniting the actors of the sector and in close cooperation with them. Among other things, the Hungarian Motorsport Academy established last year continues in 2023 with the support of 29 competitors in eight automotive and motorsport disciplines. HUMDA also supports a racing team as well as the Hungarian Autosport Federation and the Hungarian Motorsport Federation. The selection of the Hungarian Motorsport Academy members was managed by Norbert Michelisz, the 2019 World Touring Car Cup champion and Gábor Talmácsi, the 2007 MotoGP World Champion in the 125cc category. The task of the academy is to advance the careers of young competitors so that they can concentrate on competing in higher-level championships under more professional conditions.

Under the name HUMDA Green, the Agency coordinates the support scheme for electric vehicles and the Green Bus Program with the cooperation of Attila Steiner, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy. HUMDA also contributes to the development of domestic traffic culture and road safety. In addition to the promotion of domestic engineering training and more environmentally friendly technologies, it also carries out economic development and sports diplomacy tasks, being a key player in the Hungarian mobility market.

At the moment of the establishment of HUMDA, there was already a need for an R&D subsidiary company to contribute to the development of the national automobile sector and motorsport in the field of research, development and innovation. HUMDA Lab was created following this aspiration.

The goal of HUMDA Lab is to be the incubator and guiding organisation for the research and development activities of the national automobile and motorsport sector, and to carry out world-class R&D activities based on the sport's new technological and sustainability challenges and HiTech image. The company's vision is to provide a benchmark workplace for excellence in the automotive research field, and thanks to its professional competences and infrastructure, we anticipate that high-tech competition series, teams choose the Lab's developments and cooperation proposals

Minister's Welcome

In June 1906, the very first automobile Grand Prix in the history was won by an adventurous Hungarian. Ferenc Szisz, born in Szeghalom competed at Le Mans, France. By this time, people from all over world were familiar with the carburetor that had been developed and patented by János Csonka and Donát Bánki. Lucky Americans however still had 20 years to wait to finally get the chance to drive the now legendary T-model. The designer of which amongst others was Makó born József Galamb.

Building on these traditions as well, we have created a comprehensive strategy of motorsport development, which handles this extreamly complex field in the widest possible context. How far would a good racing driver or rider get, if there were no engineers and technicians? No designers, constructors, developers and operators collaborating with the racers? If there were no safe tracks to host races? If it were not the most experienced stewards, judges or technical experts in charge of safety and fair play at the events?

HUMDA Hungarian Mobility Development Agency, founded by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. It was established to strengthen the position of Hungary in motorsport. An area that is continuously redefining itself due to the altered needs and requirements of today’s society. As the significance of the first Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix back in 1986 went beyond the world of sports, now, too, it is important not to think only within the limits of tyre walls and guardrails.

Our plan is to attract technological companies to Hungary, whose activities of interest lies in motorsports or automotive industry. With the intention of providing stable and predictable workplaces for Hungarian engineers. To ensure this, the promoting of engineering education at Hungarian universities is also of necessity. The world of motorsport is an excellent opportunity for this.

Meanwhile, our main goal is to find future racing drivers and riders as well. Successors of the 2007 125 ccm motorbike World Champion, Gábor Talmácsi and the 2019 WTCR Champion, Norbert Michelisz. We are striving to achieve this with the help of our continuously developing and optimised selection method. A method aiming to highlight those with the greatest ability and talent via measurable and objective data.
Naturally, not everyone jumping in a kart or on a mini motor becomes a racer. However, when one does, it is essential that it should be under the safest circumstances possible. With the guidance of experienced professionals.

As the Government Commissioner for road safety, I strongly believe that with suitable methods of perception management, we are able to reduce the number of fatal accidents on public roads. For the sake of this cause, Hungary has joined the Road Safety Fund of the UN, and has adopted the good practices and experiences of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).
Regarding championships: our aim is to keep the firm place Hungary has in the calendars of the Formula 1 World Championships, the World Touring Car Racing series, and the European Rally Championships. Furthermore to welcome racing series like Moto GP or other championships in our country introducing and using new and continuously developing technologies.


Supervisory Board

Ferenc Attila Magyar


Dr. János György Berényi


dr. Richárd Adorján



Balázs József Weingartner


Dr. József Hatala


Péter Pantl


Illés Úsz


Viktor Tihany



Dr. Virág Mészáros

Chief Executive Officer

Beáta Nehéz

Director of Green Mobility